National Enduro Series Round 1 Overview:
Wedgefield, SC
Beta Factory Race Team Results:
#42, Mike Witkowski finished in 4th place at round 1 of the National Enduro Series, his career best for the NEPG.
Cody Barnes rode his Beta 250 RR Race Edition to a 5th place finish in the Pro 2 Class.
Rachel Gutish finished in 4th place in the Women’s Elite Class.

The next event for all three riders will be at the first round of the 2019 Grand National Cross Country series on February 24th in Union, South Carolina. For more information about the GNCC series go to:


Bike: Beta 300 RR Race Edition

“My Beta 300-RR handled flawlessly across the rough and technical South Carolina terrain. I was able to get a career best finish and test time among some fast company! The best part was I never felt like I was out of my comfort zone as the Beta Factory Suspension helped soak up all the sand whoops.” 

Photo by Shan Moore


Bike: Beta 250 RR Race Edition

“I got off to a good start to the day after the first test I was sitting close to the top 3. As I went out into the second test, I caught a tree root and had a pretty good get off into a tree. Luckily I was able to rebound and not lose to much time, but it still hurt my result for that test. After that test I went back to the pits and my factory mechanic; Sam was able to fix some of the things I tweaked in the wreck. In the final 3 test of the day I was feeling very good and was able to have 2 tests score in the top 10 overall, and I even won the last test of the day in the Pro 2 class. Even after some setbacks, I was able to finish in 5th. I’m happy with my results as this was my second ever Enduro, and I’m looking forward to the rest of the year!” 

Photo by Shan Moore


Bike: Beta 430 RR Race Edition

“Round one of the NEPG series did not go according to plan. A nasty get-off in test two resulted in a concussion and left me seeing stars for a couple of miles. Not wanting to risk a second blow to the head in such a short amount of time, I backed it down a bit to make sure I stayed safe – it’s a long season and I definitely didn’t want to risk too much at the first race. I salvaged a fourth-place finish and some points though, so things turned out about as well as could be expected under the circumstances” 

Photo by Shan Moore

Courtesy Beta