Payson, UT (Dec.19, 2018) – Team Rocky Mountain ATV/MC – KTM – WPS is proud to announce a new addition to the team for the 2019 season, in 51FIFTY Energy Drink.

51FIFTY has been a stronghold in the sport of Supercross and Motocross for 7 years now.  They have a true passion for the sport, and are a natural fit for the team and all of it’s grassroots efforts.  51FIFTY is a lifestyle brand, which is the perfect fit for the Rocky Mountain ATV/MC team and what it is built off of, which is the team’s core fan base.  

Forrest Butler, Team Owner: “We are very excited to have been able to partner up with 51FIFTY. Our team with it’s history of coming from the very bottom of the privateer world, up to the factory level we sit at today tells a story.  And that is what 51FIFTY brings to the table, they have a similar history.  They are the perfect accent to our other team sponsors, and we have a number of cool projects in the works that we will be announcing in the upcoming weeks.  In my eyes, they were the missing link to our incredible sponsor line up and I can’t wait to get to work.”

The team welcomes 51FIFTY as the Official Beverage of the Rocky Mountain ATV/MC team.  Beverages are a large part of what makes our sport go round, and they have been an absolute key in the growth and health of both Supercross and Motocross.  51FIFTY is one of those brands.  The company was borne out of one man’s desire to chase his dream, and 51FIFTY believes that everyone has the opportunity to achieve greatness.  These beliefs could not stand more true for the race team itself, and just about every single one of it’s sponsors. ”51FIFTY Energy Drink has been involved in Supercross for the past seven years, with increased support and popularity each year.  For 2019, it was our goal to partner up with a top 450 Team to further our support and prominence in Supercross and in the Nationals,” says Carlos Vieira, 51FIFTY Energy Drink owner. “Rocky Mountain KTM has built a team from a privately-owned effort to a Factory-Supported Team with solid leadership, a dedicated team staff and most importantly, with top riders capable of winning 450 races.  We’re proud to be part of one of the premier 450 Factory Teams and we will work endlessly to extend our brand awareness using many of the cross-promotional opportunities Rocky Mountain KTM provides their sponsor-partners during each week of the season and while sharing in the team’s successes, every Saturday on the track.” 

51FIFTY has a motto to “Live The Madness”.The meaning behind it is unique in that it supports a person to Live “through” the madness of life, to conquer one’s destiny and to push every last bit of your energy and power into your accomplishments.  Team Rocky Mountain ATV/MC strives for these exact efforts each and every weekend, and can’t wait to bring it all together as a team at Anaheim 1.

To learn more about 51FIFTY, you can follow their social at:

Instagram: @51FiftyEnergy
Facebook: @51FiftyEnergy
Twitter: @51FiftyEnergy


Courtesy Team Rocky Mountain ATV/MC