Contesting ten races over two days in South Australia’s Murray Bridge for the first double-header race weekend of the MX Nationals for round four and five, the entire DPH Husqvarna Factory Racing team worked hard to turn a less than ideal race weekend into solid results for each racers individual championship hopes. FC450 racer, Todd Waters took the overall win in Sundays round five, moving forward to third in the MX1 Championship, Wilson Todd took his best race results at the circuit while Bailey Malkiewicz took his first MX2 podium on the FC250.

Todd Waters: “taking the win in the final moto and the overall for the round. It was a good way to finish the first half of the season.”

Round 4
Qualified 6th
Overall: 5th (6-4)​

Round 5
Qualified 2nd
Overall: 1st (2-2-1)

MX1 Championship: 3rd

Wilson Todd: “It wasn’t an ideal weekend, but I salvaged points in bad races”

Round 4
Qualified 6th
Overall: 3rd (5-5-1)

Round 5
Qualified 2nd
Overall: 5th (14-1)

MX2 Championship: 1st

Bailey Malkiewicz: “I’m happy I could show good speed in qualifying… and race-pace”

Round 4
Qualified 3rd
Overall: 6th (3-6-7)

Round 5
Qualified 5th
Overall: 2nd (2-5)

MX2 Championship: 8th

Boyd Hocking, DPH Husqvarna team manager: “It’s a shame that we couldn’t bring some rain that usually follows us to the region, that clearly needs it, and it showed in the way the track was prepared this weekend. WEM (Williams Event Management) and the club did a great job with the options they had, but it definitely wasn’t the surface we’re used to racing on here. It was a lot harder, and without access to a lot of water, wasn’t ripped all the deep, meaning the pace was fast, and reduced the number of places that you could make strong passes. It meant a lot of focus on strong starts, and adapting to a significantly different track surface than most racers were preparing for. All in all though, it was another strong weekend for us, with all three guys having their own successful moments across the ten races we entered to complete round four and five of the championship. We hold the lead in MX2 with Wilson ToddTodd Waters has moved up to third in MX1 and Bailey Malkiewicz has taken his first MX2 podium, moving up to eight in the championship!”

Todd Waters“I was prepared to race a loamy, sandy Murray Bridge this weekend, but due to a lack of water, we raced on a hard, dry track and I just struggled to get my head in the right space on Saturday. My starts weren’t ideal, and with a lot of fast guys in MX1 it was tough to move forward. With a good sleep and a fresh state of mind, I felt a lot better on-track, missing superpole by just 0.001 of a second then racing through to two back-to-back second places before getting a strong start and taking the win in the final moto and the overall for the round. It was a good way to finish the first half of the season. With a seven week break in the calendar, I’ve decided the best training I can do is to race, so I’ll head to the US this week with a small entourage of family and friends to line up as a privateer at the first three rounds of the AMA Outdoors.”

Wilson Todd: “It was a tough weekend for me. I don’t like the Murray Bridge track all that much and I haven’t had the best results here. The two race wins over the weekend are actually the best results I’ve had. I rode a bit tight in the back-to-back races with some arm-pump so was really happy to turn that around with the win in the last race on Saturday. The first moto on Sunday saw me destroy a rear wheel while leading, and have to pull in for Pynee to swap it over, getting back on track in 18th. I managed to stay on the lead lap, put in the fastest lap of the race and finish 14th. Lining up for the last race I was motivated, got the start and led start to finish. It wasn’t an ideal weekend, but I salvaged points in bad races and I head into the break with a 23 point lead and a lot of confidence for the second half of the year.”

Bailey Malkiewicz“I’m happy I could show good speed in qualifying. and some good race-pace this weekend and really show everyone that I can race at the front in MX2. Again, a few small mistakes that I need to keep working on, pushed me back, especially in the last race of the weekend where I dropped the bike. Overall I head into the break happy, breaking into the top ten of the championship and feeling confident that I can keep moving forward in the second half of the season.”

With five of the ten-round MX Nationals calendar now in the books, the DPH Husqvarna Factory Racing team will head back to their Melbourne base as the entire championship takes a seven-week break before firing back into life in Gympie, Queensland for round six.

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