McCleary, WA. (February 3, 2020) – In coordination with the American Motorcyclists Association (AMA), the 3rd Annual Ryan Villopoto Amateur Motocross Cup (aka: RV Cup) is moving to its new date, June 19-21, 2020. This new date will satisfy the local racing scene while allowing riders coming to the west coast for Mammoth MX youth week to find an even better reason to come from the east.

The RV Cup wasn’t supposed to copy what everyone else was doing. It was set up based on UIL baseball age groups. The Cup’s strength comes from building youth riders into racers. This is why the RV Cup offers 7 different 51cc classes, 5 uncommon 65cc classes, 12 (yes, twelve) distinctly-unique 85cc classes, three radical 125cc classes, and age groups for 250/450 B and C riders. The Cup does offer one Vet (30+) classes as well.

The Cup is also designed for track time. One look at the laps turned at the 2019 RV Cup and you too will see why riders who have attended the first two years know how much seat time they get. Let’s not forget about “timed practice” on the day before racing begins. Each rider receives their gate pick for the 1st moto based on their lap times from practice just like the pros.

“I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again … It is important for me to offer a big event for my home state riders,” said Ryan Villopoto. “My parents always had to travel long distances so I could be seen. With the RV Cup at my track, now I can offer an event for our region that I never had. We want to provide a stepping stone for some and an opportunity for others to see what it’s like to go to Loretta’s before they ever go. The AMA offering #1 plates for our 3rd year is kind of a bonus.”

Grays Harbor ORV Park (GHORV) is located 18 miles west of the state capitol, Olympia. GHORV Park is nestled on the north side of the 110,000 acres Capitol State Forest. The forest offers the best of outdoor activities including motorized trails, mountain bike trails, hiking, horseback riding, with orientated campgrounds.

With the date change, early registration has moved up to May 1st. That’s only three short months before online registration opens. ARE YOU READY for the PNW summer to get here?