Foothill Ranch, Calif. (September 5, 2021) – Monster Energy® Kawasaki Team Green’s Ryder DiFrancesco earned his second consecutive MX Sports Scouting Moto Combine overall victory with a 2-1 moto score at Fox Raceway. Fellow Monster Energy Kawasaki Team Green rider Chance Hymas took second overall (1-2), while teammate Gavin Towers finished 10-5 for sixth overall. Team Green riders won all four Moto Combine motos with DiFrancesco and Hymas taking two a piece. 
The Western Region MX Sports Pro Racing Scouting Moto Combine brought the top A & B Class amateur riders from across the country to Fox Raceway in Southern, California for the chance to gain unprecedented insight into professional motocross racing. The Monster Energy Kawasaki Team Green riders were eager to show all they had learned from the previous combine round where they proved themselves among the best of the rising amateur prospects. Although this event followed suit in format, higher race day temperatures and the addition of fresh competitors to the already all-star field meant the second round of the Scouting Moto Combine would present an array of new challenges. 
The morning qualifying session saw the Monster Energy Kawasaki Team Green riders rivaled by the talented Western Region contenders. The Fox Raceway course, notorious for its big jumps and complex rhythm lanes, provided ample opportunity for the riders to change up their lines and get creative in their riding style. The Team Green boys rose to the occasion by adapting to the new track design and positioned themselves at the front of the running order. Team Green’s DiFrancesco topped the leaderboard in qualifying with a blistering fast 2:10.146 lap time. His teammate Hymas followed close behind with the fourth fastest lap at 2:13.660 and Towers qualified 10th with a 2:15.328.
In the first moto of the combine event, DiFrancesco launched his KX™250 out to an impressive holeshot and began running away with the lead. DiFrancesco replicated his exceptional qualifying speed with regularity as he clicked off laps out front of the star-studded amateur class. Meanwhile, Hymas came from a fifth-place start to push his way through the pack with veteran-like patience and precision, setting the fastest lap of the race (2:10.419) in the process. By Lap 9, Hymas had navigated his way to second and set his sights on catching DiFrancesco for the win. On the final lap of the 25-minute plus two lap race, Hymas overtook his teammate DiFrancesco to steal the first moto win in thrilling fashion. DiFrancesco finished in second and teammate Towers rebounded from a first lap crash to finish 10th. 
In the second moto, DiFrancesco pulled off another holeshot and quickly darted away with the lead. Unwilling to be caught, DiFrancesco utilized the clear track ahead to set the fastest laps of the race and extended a sizeable lead by the halfway point of the moto. Meanwhile, Hymas was once again charging his way through the podium contenders. Much like in Moto 1, Hymas made a strong push in the late stages of the race to shrink down the lead of DiFrancesco. This time around, however, DiFrancesco’s pace would prove strong enough to secure him the moto win and overall victory on the day. Hymas brought home an admirable second place in moto two which earned him second overall. Towers made strides forward to claim fifth place in Moto 2 and sixth place overall. 
Once the traditional podium celebrations concluded, the riders sought closing remarks from their elite trainers, nutritionists, and fitness coaches to soak up every bit of the Scouting Moto Combine experience. The Team Green roster relished in their success as the day finished with the fanfare of post motocross media sessions and autograph requests. As an additional bonus atop his now back-to-back overall victories, DiFrancesco earned the opportunity to share his excitement for the future in an interview featured on the NBC Sports live broadcast of Round 11 of the Pro Motocross Championship.
“To come away with first overall from both of the combine events feels awesome. My motos went really well today and I dealt with the challenge of leading all but one lap of the two long races. That was a lot to manage, so I’m stoked I was able to get it done. This has been a huge step towards the future in racing for all of us. I know this preview of racing a pro motocross event will be a big help for me in the future and I look forward to attending these combines again next year.”
– Ryder DiFrancesco
“In the first moto, I put on a hard charge to come through for the win and I was really happy with my speed and stamina out there. I found good passing lines and was able to attack all the way to the finish. In the second moto, I felt like I was on track to do the same again, but I had a late-race bobble that kept me from getting up there to battle with Ryder for the lead. There is definitely a lot for me to learn from my riding today and, overall, this was another great learning experience.”
 –    Chance Hymas
“While I would have liked my overall result to be a bit better, I have so many takeaways from my motos that I’m thankful for the new challenges I faced. I know what I need to work on for longer races in the future with regards to high intensity and fitness. My second moto today was an improvement and I finished it out a lot stronger than the first one. Managing endurance and sprint speed for 25-minutes plus two laps is a high demand. Now I’ll continue to work on gaining more intensity in my riding and getting even better for that last little bit of the race.”
 – Gavin Towers
“Once again the Moto Combine event proved to be a valuable learning tool for our riders and team as a whole. We truly believe in these events and hope our industry recognizes the importance of this platform to better develop the amateur racers into future professionals. Going 1-2 at both events was a great accomplishment for our team and we look forward to more.”– Ryan Holliday