Leatt is excited to announce the re-signing of Marvin Musquin,  Cole Martinez, Lorenzo Locurcio, Garrett Marchbanks as well as the addition of The Rockwell Racing Team (Mitchell Harrison and Jon Ames) and the TiLUBE/Buddy Brooks Honda Racing Team (Blake Wharton and Steven Clarke) to the Leatt Family.

For over a decade Marvin Musquin has worn the Leatt Neck Brace and will continue to be protected during the 2019 season by the Leatt GPX 6.5 Carbon Neck Brace.

“Throughout my years of racing motocross, I have become a firm believer of safety equipment.  The first time I put a Leatt neck brace on was 2007. That was the beginning of my pro career racing and since then I have not stopped wearing it.”  

Click here to watch Marvin in the moment at the Monster Energy Cup.

Garrett Marchbanks has been a member of the Leatt Family for 6 years.  Entering his rookie Supercross season on board the Monster Energy Pro Circuit Kawasaki, Garrett will be competing in the 250 West Coast Series.  

Garrett will continue to be protected by the Leatt GPX 6.5 Carbon Neck Brace and X-Frame Knee Braces.  

“I came through a turn and there was a stump hidden in the ground.  I didn’t see it and hit my leg, folding it back. The Leatt Knee Brace actually saved it and I am still able to ride today.  Click here as Garrett Marchbanks gets real about why he uses Leatt products.


Cole Martinez, has returned to racing after suffering a plateau tibia fracture along with a shredded meniscus at the beginning of 2018.  Upon his return, Cole was crowned the King of Stuttgart at the ADAC Supercross in Germany. He will race the Monster Energy AMA 450 Supercross Series as a returning member of the Leatt Family.

Cole will wear Leatt’s  X-Frame Knee Braces , 2019 Moto riding gear , GPX Helmets and Goggles.  “The Leatt gear is really light weight and comfy.  I’m excited to wear the Goggles!” says Martinez.

Click here to watch Cole as he goes through the Recovery Process.  “Honestly the pain was so gnarly, I was so over it, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to ride.”

Venezuelan rider, Lorenzo Locurcio will take on his third year racing the Monster Energy AMA Supercross Series.  For 2019 Locurcio will contend in the 250 East Coast Series as part of the Leatt Family and Team KMS/Legends and Heroes.

Lorenzo will be dressed in Leatt’s 2019 Moto riding gear and Goggles. “I am very impressed with the new gear.  It is flexible and so comfortable.” says Locurcio.

Click here for a flashback with Lorenzo at the Red Bud Motocross

Rockwell Racing has been a primary 250 West Coast operation for the Monster Energy Supercross Series.  For 2019, they will field a two-rider team including Mitchell Harrison and Jon Ames.

Harrison, will be entering his fourth year in the 250 Monster Energy AMA Supercross Series.  Having a stellar year in 2018 with a top 10 O/A finish, Mitchell is excited to switch things up as part of the Rockwell Racing Team and as a new member of the Leatt Family.

Jon Ames turned a lot of heads during his amateur career, and had an impressive rookie professional season in 2017.  Starting his third year racing the Monster Energy AMA Supercross Series, Jon will be sidelined at the beginning due to a compound fracture he sustained training.

Mitchell and Jon will be dressed in Leatt’s 2019 Moto riding gear and GPX Helmets.  “I trust the leatt brand because they are all about safety, and a as a Motocross rider that means a lot to me since it’s a high-risk sport.  Plus, the gear is the most comfortable that you will ever wear!” says Harrison.

TiLUBE/Buddy Brooks Honda Racing began their 250 East Coast Supercross efforts in 2014.  Entering their 5th year, the team is comprised of notable riders Blake Wharton and Steven Clarke.  

Blake Wharton returned to racing in 2018 after taking a 4-year hiatus.  A three-time race winner in 250SX East Supercross, his experience and determination are promising for the 2019 season.  

Steven Clarke hails from the United Kingdom and made his pro Supercross debut in 2009.  Since then he has raced all over the world and spent 2018 racing the EMX250 Motocross European Championship, finishing 5th overall.

Blake and Steven are new members of the Leatt Family.  They will be outfitted in Leatt’s 2019 Moto riding gear , X-Frame Knee Braces  and Goggles.  Steven will also be wearing Leatt’s GPX Helmets.  

Click Here to get inside the mind of Mitchell Harrison as he prepares for the Supercross season opener and talks about his young professional career, goals for 2019, his new team, and how long he sees himself competing in this gruelling sport.

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