MURRIETA, Calif. – The AMA Amateur National Motocross Championship took place August 4-8, at the legendary Loretta Lynn Ranch in Hurricane Mills, Tennessee where the nation’s top amateur motocross athletes went head-to-head over the course of five long days to crown an AMA National Champion in each of the 36 classes. KTM North America, Inc. is proud to congratulate KTM’s 10 AMA National Champions who collectively earned 14 national titles at this year’s event.

With perfect scores throughout the week, KTM Orange Brigade teammates Max Vohland and Haiden Deegan were both at the helm of a successful week at The Ranch. Vohland raced his KTM 125 SX to a 1-1-1 sweep in the 125cc (12-17) B/C class, while also topping all three motos in the Schoolboy 1 (12-17) B/C. Additionally, Deegan proved to be the most dominant mini rider of the week as he went undefeated in both the Mini Sr 1 (12-14) and Mini Sr 2 (13-15) divisions aboard his KTM 85 SX.

Other notable performances came from Orange Brigade teammates Luke Fauser and Seth Dennis, who each came away from this year’s event as a two-time champion. Fauser put forth consistent 1-1-3 finishes to claim the 85cc (10-12) Limited title, while also clinching the 85cc (10-12) title with 2-3-2 moto scores on his KTM 85 SX. Likewise, Dennis swept his age-group aboard the KTM 65 SX as he went 1-1-2 for the 65cc (10-11) Limited championship, as well as the 65cc (10-11) championship with 1-3-2 finishes.

Additional celebrated KTM champions include Katie Benson – Girls (11-16) Champion, Albert Haberle IV – 250 C Champion, Jacob Henry – 250 C Limited Champion, Michael Hicks – College (18-24) Champion, Kade Nightingale – Mini-E (4-6) Jr. Champion and Gage Dunham – 65cc (7-9) Champion.

In total, KTM riders earned 31 overall podiums, 33 moto-wins and a whopping 97 podium finishes throughout the week of racing.

KTM North America, Inc. congratulates all KTM riders who earned a spot at the prestigious National, along with their families and crew members who have supported them along the way.


Kade Nightingale – Mini-E (4-6) Jr. Champion (1-1-2)

Gage Dunham – 65cc (7-9) Champion (5-1-2)

Seth Dennis – 65cc (10-11) Limited Champion (1-1-2)

Seth Dennis – 65cc (10-11) Champion (1-3-2)

Luke Fauser – 85cc (10-12) Limited Champion (1-1-3)

Luke Fauser – 85cc (10-12) Champion (2-3-2)

Haiden Deegan – Mini Sr 1 (12-14) Champion (1-1-1)

Haiden Deegan – Mini Sr 2 (13-15) Champion (1-1-1)

Maximus Vohland – 125cc (12-17) B/C Champion (1-1-1)

Maximus Vohland – Schoolboy 1 (12-17) B/C Champion (1-1-1)

Michael Hicks – College (18-24) Champion (9-1-1)

Katie Benson – Girls (11-16) Champion (1-1-3)

Albert Haberle IV – 250 C Champion (3-3-3)

Jacob Henry – 250 C Limited Champion (3-1-3)

Courtesy KTM