Chambly, QC – It was a great day of racing at Dechambault MX in Dechambault, Quebec for the 7th round of the Triple Crown MX series.
In the 250 class, Jess Pettis and Tanner Ward both had impressive performances in the 250 class. We are excited to announce that Jess Pettis secured his first overall win of the 2019 MX series. Jess was able to get out front early in Moto 1 and had a huge gap over the rest of the pack. He finished the race with an impressive 31 second lead. Tanner Ward also got a great start Moto 1 and was running in the top three for most of the race. Unfortunately some small tip overs caused him to drop back later in the Moto, but he still finished 5th overall for the day.

Jess Pettis – KTM Red Bull Thor Factory Race Team 250 Rider: “Round 7 in Dechambault was great for me. I was able to qualify P-1 to start the day. The first Moto I got the holeshot and was able to put down some really good laps which got me the Moto win by 31 seconds. Second Moto I got a very bad start and fell over on the first lap, but I kept my head down and charged hard the whole Moto, fighting through the pack to a 3rd place finish which secured me first place overall. I was happy with the day and plan to keep the momentum going into Walton in two weeks.
Tanner Ward – KTM Red Bull Thor Factory Race Team 250 Rider: “It was an alright weekend for me at Dechambault. I was happy with my riding in Moto 1. I did not have the best start but I made my way into 4th after some good passes. I battled all the way to the checkered flag for 3rd but didn’t quite make it. In Moto 2 I got a good start and was battling for the lead until around lap 4 when I went down trying to make a pass. I couldn’t get my mojo back and ended up 6th. I have one round left to make it on the podium! I am looking forward to Walton in two weeks.
In the 450 class, Cole Thompson did not have the results he was hoping for. In Moto 1 he was on pace with the leaders and finished the Moto in 4th place. In Moto 2 he was battling in the top 5 before a crash where he hit his head fairly hard and also badly bent his bars. He was unable to finish the race. Thompson went 4-DNF for 12th overall on the day.

In the WMX class, Orange Bleeder Eve Brodeur was in a tight points race with the #192 of Isabelle Thibault for the WMXE championship. Eve not only needed to secure 1-1 Moto finishes to win the series, but her competitor Isabelle would have to get a 3rd position or lower in one of the two Motos. Unfortunately things did not come together as Eve was hoping, and Isabelle finished 2-2 on the day which secured her the WMXE championship. It was great racing in the WMX class and the battle for the championship had fans running from fence to fence. 

On behalf of everyone here at KTM Canada, we want to extend a big congratulations to all KTM riders mentioned for their impressive performances as we go into the last race of the MX series at Walton Trans Can.
The MX series will continue on August 17th for the final round at Walton Trans Can.

Next race: Walton, Ontario – August 17th, 2019  
450 Pro Series Results – 7/8 Rounds

  1. Colton Facciotti, Honda – 342 Points 
  2. Mike Alessi, Honda – 328 Points
  3. Phil Nicoletti, Yamaha – 311 Points
  4. Cole Thompson, KTM – 275 Points
  5. Cade Clason, Husqvarna Motorcycles – 241 Points
    250 Pro Series Results – 7/8 Rounds
  6. Dylan Wright, Honda – 357 Points
  7. Jess Pettis, KTM – 319 Points
  8. Luke Renzland, Yamaha – 287 Points
  9. Tyler Medaglia, Kawasaki – 282 Points
     5. Marshal Weltin, Husqvarna Motorcycles – 279 Points
    WMXE Series Results (West) – 4/4 Rounds
  10. Isabelle Thibault, Husqvarna Motorcycles – 219 Points
  11. Eve Brodeur, KTM – 218 Points
  12. Sarah-Kim Villeneuve, KTM – 186 Points
  13. Brittany Gagne, Yamaha – 180 Points
  14. Brittani Majcher, Honda – 160 Points
    Photos provided by: James Lissimore 
    Courtesy KTM Canada