Following an unexpectedly long break, the Monster Energy Kawasaki Pro Circuit racing team was back in action 2 weeks ago and ready to kick-off the 2020 season with one of the hottest national races of all time at the infamous Ontarian track; Gopher Dunes. Together, all three riders, claimed multiple podiums and established themselves within the top 5 of their respective classes, setting the bar for the rest of the short season.

With a strong points standing in the 250 & 450 class, the team moved on to round 2 in Walton, ON. The new formula, including 1 moto on Saturday & 2 more motos on Sunday, made for a challenging 2nd day when the rain started falling on the hard-pack terrain of Walton Raceway. Prepared and trained to take on any conditions, Matt Goerke, Tyler Medaglia & Marshal Weltin gave memorable performances on both days.

In the 250 class, Marshal Weltin set some high expectations by leaving Gopher Dunes with a strong 2nd place and was looking forward to backing up his impressive results from round 1.

When the gate dropped for the 1st moto on Saturday morning, Weltin made his way to the front of the pack and ran a powerful race, holding on to 2nd place from beginning to end. The next morning, after a schedule change due to heavy rain, Marshal found himself on the gate, facing a very technical and muddy track. Without any hesitation, the #19 grabbed the lead right out of the gate and went on to fight for his first victory of the 2020 season. Until the very last lap, Marshal kept pushing himself and his KX 250 to the limits, setting the fastest lap of the race with one lap to go and grabbing a well-deserved win. To conclude his great race weekend, Weltin started his 3rd moto with another good top 3 start. After a mistake mid-moto, the Kawasaki rider used the last few laps to make 2 passes and secure 2nd place.

After his 2-1-2 results of round 2, Marshall is holding on to 2nd place in the 250 championship.

“It wasn’t an easy weekend, but I am really happy with the results. I had great battles with the top riders and the win in Moto 2 felt really good. I will use this confidence booster to keep pushing for the top step of the podium next weekend.” – Marshal Weltin

Matt Goerke and his KX 450 also had a strong first round in the deep Ontarian sand. With a top-3 standing in the 450 class, Matt knew he had everything he needed to keep his momentum rolling for Walton.

The very hard pack and dusty track that Matt had to face for his Saturday moto was a big contrast with the previous sandy race. With an ok start, the #2 was able to make a few passes early on and crossed the finish line in 4th position. As mother nature decided to throw a curve ball into the next race day, the team made important bike changes and Matt launched into the 2nd moto, with a great start and a wire-to-wire 2nd place. With confidence and his best race finish of 2020 in his back pocket, Goerke did not disappoint and showed consistency once again, by running in front and finishing in the top 3 for the last moto of the day.

His 4-2-3 performances gave Matt 2nd overall on the day, as well as 3rd place in the 450 championship standing, with only 6 points behind 2nd place.

“We made lots of bike changes in between Saturday & Sunday and I saw a big difference. I felt super comfortable for the last 2 motos and it made it easier to overcome the challenging muddy conditions.” – Matt Goerke

For Tyler Medaglia, the 1st round of the 2020 season started really well, with a 2nd place finish in the first moto and more top 5 results through the rest of the weekend. Heading to round 2, Tyler knew he had it in him to run in front and made sure to put everything in place to increase his podium chances.

After a small entanglement on the 1st moto start, the #5 got the green flag in 12th position. After making pass after pass, Tyler had to settle for 6th. Ready to redeem himself, Medaglia jumped in the mud on Sunday and got the Holeshot! After a small mistake on the first lap, the Kawasaki rider was sent back to 4th, where he cruised to the finish line. Moto 3 was a different story, with a great start leading the pack and by lap 6, a 7sec lead over 2nd place. A few struggles in the mud cost Tyler the lead, but it is with a strong 2nd position that he received the last checkered flag of the day.

Medaglia started the day in 4th overall in the 450 championship and his 4th overall result at Walton will keep him stable in the standing.

“The 1st moto roost was pretty hard, and my first lap mistake cost me a lot. But overall, with the holeshot in moto 2 and the lead in moto 3, I have more positive to talk about then negative. I’m definitely looking forward to doing it all over again next weekend.” – Tyler Medaglia

The team is now staying at Walton for the week and will race the Walton Raceway again for round 3 of the 2020 Motocross Triplecrown Series.


250 MX
1- Jess Pettis (1-2-1)
2- Marshal Weltin (2-1-2) – Kawasaki
3- Marco Cannella (3-3-3)
4- Tanner Ward (4-4-4)
5- Ryan Surratt (5-6-6) – Kawasaki450 MX

1- Dylan Wright (1-1-1)
2- Matt Goerke (4-2-3) – Kawasaki
3- Phil Nicoletti (2-3-4)
4- Tyler Medaglia (6-4-2) – Kawasaki
5- Cole Thompson (3-5-9)

250 MX
1- Jess Pettis – 147
2- Marshal Weltin – 131 – Kawasaki
3- Marco Cannella – 118
4- Tanner Ward – 112
5- Ryan Surratt – 96 – Kawasaki450 MX

1- Dylan Wright – 150
2- Phil Nicoletti – 124
3- Matt Goerke – 118 – Kawasaki
4- Tyler Medaglia – 111 – Kawasaki
5- Shawn Maffenbeier – 96

Courtesy Kawasaki Canada