MOUNT MORRIS, Pa. (May 18, 2021) – Combining the excitement that Phoenix Racing/CST Tires/Elka/Walsh Race Craft/Moose Racing’s Joel Hetrick brings to the weekend and the familiar dirt of High Point Raceway, round three of the 2021 ATV Motocross National Championships (ATVMX) Series, an AMA National Championship, was primed for the series return to competition after a long break.

Pennsylvania is Hetrick country and being on home state turf had the team and him looking to decimate the class and continue his domination so far as the series schedule starts to normalize. With exceptional weather on tap, the weekend was wide open for Hetrick to write another page in his history book as he quickly gained the fastest qualifying lap times for the event.

The track itself was new to many as the series made its return, not having raced here since 2018, allowing somewhat of a challenge and new layout to the legendary soil. With several huge jumps included for the pro racers only, the fans in attendance were treated to some big air as the pro class displayed its talents to the cheers and amazement of a solid crowd of spectators.

With the gate being filled for moto one, Hetrick was the hometown favorite, and the defending champion Wienen Motorsports/Maxxis/SSi Decals/Fly Racing/Yamaha’s Chad Wienen was being seated in second as the chatter started falling away from the top two and on to the remaining positions. With the retirement of Thomas Brown and the current crop of riders that are landing just off the podium, the excitement in the first few rounds seems to be higher than the battle waging for the win and runner up position.

That excitement comes from the deep talent pool now starting to grow and not just a group of riders that have a good moto and look to capitalize on the retirement of one of the greats or benefit from the misfortune of another. The best racing thus far in 2021 has indeed fallen to those battling for the last podium position and it is creating some of the stiffest competition we have seen in many years.

The gate dropped in moto one and Hetrick added the SSi Decals Holeshot Award to his weekends accomplishments as he unleashed a rush of speed that found him out front and putting distance between himself and the remainder of the field. On cruise control, Hetrick handily defeated the class and would pull almost the same results in moto two after taking grabbing the second moto holeshot and the win giving him the perfect weekend he had been after.

As for Wienen, he headed for the bunkhouse with a solid second place performance on the weekend although it was not where he wanted to be. The effort was indeed intense after not getting great starts and having to battle through some fast traffic to earn his position, the champion once again found himself unable to be in a position to fight for the lead allowing Hetrick clear track to ride his own race. While these two make it look far too easy, the efforts put forth are incredibly demanding and one small bobble or mistake can be all it takes for things to change. At the end of the 2020 season, Wienen stated he had to find just a little more speed and it appears he is facing the same beast in 2021.

TDR Motorsports/OnTheBox Performance/Pafford EMS/Decker Training Facility’s Brandon Hoag started making his name known late in the 2020 season and has continued to train hard to keep himself at the upper tier of the results. Hoag stated he needed a solid finish and that’s what he earned here at High Point. Going 3-3 for third, Hoag can now look to the next round with some much needed confidence as the fight will only intensify.

ML2 Motorsports/Walsh Race Craft/Maxxis/Yamaha’s Max Lindquist has a host of past championships to look back upon, however his Pro class rookie season may prove to be one that really makes his career shine. Watching Lindquist race is a throwback to many that forged the path before him, smooth, calculating and in control. His efforts here at High Point were solid after a 7-5 effort, Lindquist rolled away with fourth. He also joins the list of racers that are quickly becoming the racers to watch every moto as he learns his way through the pro class and the lessons it has to offer.

Phoenix Racing/Yamaha’s Jeffrey Rastrelli would emend the weekend going 6-6 after a valiant effort for fifth overall but is nowhere close to where he feels he should be finishing. The intense battle in both motos with Gennusa, Lindquist, Hoag and Wolfe kept Rastrelli from breaking out and making a run to the front. This group of racers literally had their own race while the leaders soared to victory unchallenged and while that might have been fine with the top two, the all-out fight behind them kept the fans on the edge of their seats as the moto raged on.

Ford Brothers Racing/Fly/SSi/Maxxis/DWT/Maxima/Fourwerx/Walsh’s Bryce Ford was another rider who many thought may be a real threat here as the fast pace and big hits suit this young Texan. Ford’s speed was there as he was blazing fast in qualifying but never got the chance to open up during the motos. Finishing eleventh in moto one was way off the mark, however in moto two Ford came roaring back to claim fourth giving him sixth on the weekend.

Finishing with P7 on the weekend was GennUSA Racing/Integrated Financial Concepts/CST Tires/Walsh Race Craft’s Nick Gennusa who like Hoag, was looking for big things and a solid finish. After a brutal moto one doing battle with the heart and soul of this class, Gennusa would find trouble before the gate dropped in the second moto as a mechanical issue surfaced just prior to the gate drop. Nick’s efforts to fight back secured a top five finish but was mentally exhausting. Look for Gennusa to be on the hunt in Georgia.

Stanfield Motorsports/Nine6Nine/Corrosion/TDR/Maxxis’ Logan Stanfield is yet another rider who was looking for big things this weekend, however a poor start in both motos had Stanfield fighting near the back of the pack and was never able to make up the ground he lost. Stanfield fell to a 9-7 for eighth.

Ford Brothers Racing/Fly/SSi/Maxxis/DWT/Maxima/Fourwerx/Walsh’s Cody Ford would sneak inside the top ten after going 8-9 for ninth as he picked up a position when JH Racing/FTR Graphics/Fly Racing/Walsh Race Craft’s Westley Wolfe stalled at the finish line jump. Wolfe had a very solid effort in the first moto taking fifth and would find himself in the trenches slugging it out in moto two. Wolfe’s bobble cost him as he would settle for P14 in moto two, for a 10th place overall finish on the day.

The series heads to Aonia Pass MX in Washington, Georgia for Round 4, which will look to host another exciting weekend of ATV Motocross competition. There are scores to settle and the racing should prove to be among the best yet as riders seek to redeem themselves and fight back after being taken to task in the hills of Pennsylvania.

High Point ATVMX Results and Points Standings
Mount Morris, Pennsylvania
Round 3 of 10
May 15, 2021

2021 AMA Pro Class Event Results:

Joel Hetrick (1-1)
Chad Wienen (2-2)
Brandon Hoag (3-3)
Max Lindquist (7-5)
Jeffrey Rastrelli (6-6)
Bryce Ford (11-4)
Nick Gennusa (4-11)
Logan Stanfield (9-7)
Cody Ford (8-9)
Westley Wolfe (5-14)

Overall National Championship Standings:

Chad Wienen (113)
Joel Hetrick (106)
Nick Gennusa (83)
Bryce Ford (83)
Max Lindquist (82)
Brandon Hoag (77)
Jeffrey Rastrelli (70)
Westley Wolfe (67)
Logan Stanfield (64)
Cody Ford (56)