DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. (March 11, 2022) – Daytona International Speedway set the stage for the eighth running of the ATV Supercross, and round one of the ATV Motocross National Championship (ATVMX) for the Pro, Pro Sport and WMX Pro classes, on the historic infield of the prestigious speedway. Following the AMA Pro Supercross and RCSX events, the crew whipped the track back into pristine condition as the sun set on Monday evening.

Joel Hetrick battled the track conditions throughout qualifying, his heat race and then again before taking the win in Daytona. Photo: Ken Hill
However, as night fell the skies opened up leaving the track in a state of emergency as plans were made to get water off of the areas that resembled ponds to try and allow racing to start on time. After a valiant effort, a reachable track soon formed as the mix of Vintage bikes and ATVs churned the sandy soil that continued to improve until the Pro qualifiers.The skies once again opened up as heat one fired off the gate with reigning champion, Wienen Motorsports/Maxxis/SSi Decals/Fly Racing/Yamaha’s Chad Wienen leading the charge as he secured his heat win. In the short time that the first qualifier was run and the second turned loose, conditions were deteriorating rapidly but not before Phoenix Racing ATV/CST Tires/Elka’s Joel Hetrick claimed the heat two win, once again setting the stage for the showdown everyone has become accustomed to seeing. Racing then ground to a halt as the water levels began to rise in the problem areas. As soon as the precipitation stopped the work began to get the track back into racing shape.

Max Lindquist earned second in Daytona. Photo: Ken Hill
The attitude in the pits was upbeat however, there was no denying the conditions were on everyone’s mind. Machine prep was limited but everything was being done to give each racer a fighting chance on a course that was now changing with every passing shower. For the first time, the series faced a wet ATVSX, and it would impact the entire day racing.The fans peered to the starting gate as the pro riders started loading. Chatter amongst the crowd was revolving once again around Wienen and Hetrick however, agreement was centered at how important the holeshot would be and that question would soon be answered.Musick Racing/Deja Vu/Kenda Tires’ Brandon Hoag would take the SSi Decals holeshot and found himself locked in a battle immediately with Hetrick as the pair quickly separated from the pack of riders now clawing for position. Wienen hit some mud and was off the track and would connect with Ford Brothers Racing/Fly Racing/SSi Decals/Maxxis Tires’ Cody Ford as he tried getting his Yamaha back on the track however, with the conditions and a mostly single lined track, his hopes of a repeat win here were quickly dashed.

Jeffrey Rastrelli rounded out the top three at the 2022 ATV Supercross event.
Photo: Ken Hill
Out front Hoag was riding like a seasoned pro not allowing the pressure of having Hetrick shadowing his every move. Lap after lap, it appeared Hoag had what it would take to run from start to finish out front, though near the end of the moto steam began pouring from his Honda as Hetrick now began pushing harder. Overheating badly, Hoag’s ride gave up allowing Hetrick to make the pass and roll to victory. Hoag, in a moment of sheer disbelief took a second to gather himself and quickly responded positively to the cheering crowd who was showing him their respect after a hard fought race.With Hoag out, the door not only opened for Hetrick but for ML2 Motorsports/Walsh Race Craft/Maxxis/Yamaha’s Max Lindquist who now found himself in second with Rastrelli Racing/FXR Moto/Rocket Machine Design’s Jeffrey Rastrelli running third. The moto would finish in that order putting the finishing touches on a grueling day as the podium celebration made all the effort seem worthwhile. The day belonged to Hoag and the fans knew it as well as the riders. His time may be coming as a podium finisher but, the season is in its infancy and there is a lot of racing left to do. Rastrelli and Hetrick joined in the celebration as Hoag was presented with the Holeshot award and reassured him they knew what he was going through and that they had the utmost respect for their fellow competitor.

Brandon Hoag grabbed the SSi Decals Holeshot Award, and led the race until a mechanical issue ended his race early. Photo: Ken Hill
With the champagne flowing the day was in the record books after a wild and eventful day filled with highs and lows. The series heads to Texas for round two that will feature a full schedule of Pro and amateur racing.The next round of the 2022 ATV Motocross National Championship series takes place on April 2-3 at Three Palms Action Sports Park in Conroe, Texas. This event will be round of one of amateur ATVMX racing, and round two for AMA Pro, Pro Sport and WMX Pro ATV classes.For more information on the ATV Motocross National Championship, visit the series official website at or call (304) 284-0101. Join the conversation on the series social media channels, along with receiving the most up-to-date news and exclusive content.Facebook: @atvmotocrossInstagram: @atvmotocrossTwitter: @atvmxdotcomYouTube: @atvmotocross

Joel Hetrick (center), Max Lindquist (right) and Jeffrey Rastrelli (left) atop the Daytona International Speedway Victory Lane. Photo: Ken Hill
Daytona ATV Supercross Results and Points Standings
Daytona Beach, Florida
Round 1 of 10
Tuesday, March 8, 2022

2022 AMA Pro Class Event Results:Joel Hetrick (YAM)Max Lindquist (YAM)Jeffrey Rastrelli (YAM)Bryce Ford (YAM)Chad Wienen (YAM)Zack Decker (YAM)Nick Gennusa (YAM)Michael Allred (YAM)Logan Stanfield (YAM)Patrick Turrini (YAM)

Overall National Championship Standings:Joel Hetrick (25)Max Lindquist (22)Jeffrey Rastrelli (20)Bryce Ford (18)Chad Wienen (16)Zack Decker (15)Nick Gennusa (14)Michael Allred (13)Logan Stanfield (12)Patrick Turrini (11)