Team HRC’s Tim Gajser came out victorious after two incredible motos at the MXGP of Trentino. Engaged in two race-long battles, the Slovenian rider kept calm under immense pressure to make two late passes and claim his first MXGP overall of 2019, at the fourth round, held at the beautiful Arco di Trento track.

After winning the qualification race, Gajser had first gate pick and that allowed him to get out of the gate extremely well in both races. In the first race he rounded the first bend in around fifth position before making a number of passes on the first lap to slot into second place. As he tracked the leader Antonio Cairoli, the pace increased for both riders as they kept raising the bar and lowering the laptimes. With just four laps remaining, Gajser pounced on a slight mistake and took over the lead, much to the delight of the large number of Slovenian fans in attendance. He then held on for the first moto victory despite a last lap charge by Cairoli, but he knew that he still had to secure race two in order to receive the honours of the overall.

The second moto couldn’t have got off to a better start though, as Gajser raced to his first holeshot of the year, putting his Honda CRF450RW in prime position to take the second moto win. As the paced started to rise, Cairoli began to put pressure on once again, taking over the lead at the mid-point of the race. After studying the Italians’ lines, Gajser waited a few laps before making his move to regain the lead, eventually taking over with five laps to go. The two riders then gave everything they had for the remainder of the race, with Gajser coming out victorious to take a clean sweep of all sessions over the course of the weekend.

It was nothing more than Slovenian deserved and it sent his travelling fans into raptures as they celebrated their rider on the top step of the podium, at their adopted home GP in Trentino. Round five also sees the riders’ return to Italy, at the sandy Mantova track near Verona. This event takes place on May 11-12 which gives everyone five weeks to prepare for what is the first of three back to back races in Italy, Portugal and then France.Share to Facebook41Share to TwitterShare to PinterestShare to LinkedInShare to More

Tim Gajser

Tim Gajser 243

It is unbelievable. It’s my first win in over a year and it’s just such a great feeling. To do it here at Arco di Trento is especially special because of all the Slovenian fans that made the trip to come and support me. I had two great battles today, we were both riding so fast but I think the fans gave me that extra boost I needed to take this victory. Every lap I could hear them and it was amazing to win in front of them, just to repay them for their energy that they gave me. I am also so happy for all of the members of Team HRC who work so hard to get me to this level, they all deserve a lot of praise for the effort they put in every week, so a big thanks to them too. Now, there is a bit of a break until the next race but we are heading in the right direction and I can’t wait to try and put this Honda CRF450RW on the top step of the podium again.

Brian Bogers

Brian Bogers 189

The first race I didn’t have the best start and I also crashed, taking too long to get back going because I got stuck under the bike. This left me a long way behind, but I got to work and despite this being a difficult track to pass on, I worked my way back inside the top 20, ending up 19th. Obviously I knew that I needed to improve my start and that’s exactly what happened in the second moto. I rounded the first few turns inside the top 10 and that’s where I was able to finish. You could see that if I can fight with those riders, I can finish in these good positions, so that was another step in the right direction. I improved my season best result with this ninth place but I know I need to keep working and that’s what we are going to do in this break.

Marcus Pereira de Freitas

Marcus Pereira de Freitas

HRC General Manager – MXGP

What an amazing performance by Tim today! To ride so well, with such pressure on his shoulders was just really impressive. Both motos was a race-long battle and to come out on top is just such a boost to him and to everyone in Team HRC. The pace he was riding was extremely high and it was great to see how comfortable he was feeling on his Honda CRF450RW and testament to how well the team has worked to try and get him to this level.
It was also good to see Brian put in a top 10 finish, which is something we’ve known he is capable of, he just needed to put everything together. He rode solidly in that second moto and kept the speed of the riders around him and showed that he fits in with that pack of guys. Overall it was an extremely good weekend for Team HRC in the MXGP class and I hope that we can use this as motivation in this break to keep up the high levels and make sure we perform well in round five of the series.
Our best wishes also go to Calvin Vlaanderen as he looks to get surgery on his right leg. It was a real shame to see him get injured this weekend, when he was riding so well, and we hope that he will be fully fit by the time the next round takes place in Mantova.

MXGP 2019 Sunday, April 7th 2019RaceRound 4 MXGP of Trentino

Race 1

CLOUDYAir Temp12°CTrack CondHard Pack

1GAJSER Tim243SLO25Team HRC – MXGPHonda34:13.822
2CAIROLI Antonio222ITA22Red Bull KTM Factory RacingKTM1.081
3PAULIN Gautier21FRA20Wilvo Yamaha MXGPYamaha53.919
4TONUS Arnaud4SWI18Wilvo Yamaha MXGPYamaha1:00.314
5MONTICELLI Ivo128ITA16iFly JK RacingYamaha1:03.786
6LUPINO Alessandro77ITA15Gebben V Venrooy KawasakiKawasaki1:05.635
7SIMPSON Shaun24GBR14RFX KTM RacingKTM1:06.887
8SEEWER Jeremy91SWI13Monster Energy Yamaha Factory MXGP TeamYamaha1:07.631
9JASIKONIS Arminas27LTU12Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory RacingHusqvarna1:13.322
10VAN HOREBEEK Jeremy89BEL11Honda SR MotoblouzHonda1:20.698
11JONASS Pauls41LAT10Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory RacingHusqvarna1:23.090
12DESALLE Clement25BEL9Monster Energy Kawasaki RacingKawasaki1:27.064
13LIEBER Julien33BEL8Monster Energy Kawasaki RacingKawasaki1:31.829
14COLDENHOFF Glenn259NDL7Standing Construct KTMKTM1:35.950
15LEOK Tanel7EST6A1M HusqvarnaHusqvarna1:38.113
16PATUREL Benoit6FRA5Gebben V Venrooy KawasakiKawasaki1:51.684
17SEARLE Tommy100GBR4Bike It DRT KawasakiKawasaki1:57.950
18PETROV Petar152BUL3Team Honda Red MotoHonda1 Lap
19BOGERS Brian189NDL2Team HRC – MXGPHonda1 Lap
20BUTRON Jose17SPA1JD Gunnex KTM Racing TeamKTM1 Lap

MXGP 2019 Sunday, April 7th 2019RaceRound 4 MXGP of Trentino

Race 2

CLOUDYAir Temp12°CTrack CondHard Pack

1GAJSER Tim243SLO25Team HRC – MXGPHonda34:11.454
2CAIROLI Antonio222ITA22Red Bull KTM Factory RacingKTM24.305
3PAULIN Gautier21FRA20Wilvo Yamaha MXGPYamaha53.333
4TONUS Arnaud4SWI18Wilvo Yamaha MXGPYamaha57.384
5JASIKONIS Arminas27LTU16Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory RacingHusqvarna58.712
6MONTICELLI Ivo128ITA15iFly JK RacingYamaha1:18.314
7COLDENHOFF Glenn259NDL14Standing Construct KTMKTM1:18.657
8SEARLE Tommy100GBR13Bike It DRT KawasakiKawasaki1:25.075
9BOGERS Brian189NDL12Team HRC – MXGPHonda1:31.843
10LUPINO Alessandro77ITA11Gebben V Venrooy KawasakiKawasaki1:36.522
11SIMPSON Shaun24GBR10RFX KTM RacingKTM1:37.584
12LIEBER Julien33BEL9Monster Energy Kawasaki RacingKawasaki1:55.458
13PATUREL Benoit6FRA8Gebben V Venrooy KawasakiKawasaki1 Lap
14SEEWER Jeremy91SWI7Monster Energy Yamaha Factory MXGP TeamYamaha1 Lap
15BRYLYAKOV Vsevolod18RUS6JWR Yamaha RacingYamaha1 Lap
16LEOK Tanel7EST5A1M HusqvarnaHusqvarna1 Lap
17BUTRON Jose17SPA4JD Gunnex KTM Racing TeamKTM1 Lap
18BERNARDINI Samuele321ITA3Ghidinelli Racing TeamYamaha1 Lap
19JONASS Pauls41LAT2Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory RacingHusqvarna1 Lap
20RAUCHENECKER Pascal281AUT1Red Bull IceOne Husqvarna Factory RacingHusqvarna1 Lap

MXGP 2019 Sunday, April 7th 2019

Rider Standings

Limited to top 30 results

1CAIROLI Antonio222ITA191Red Bull KTM Factory RacingKTM
2GAJSER Tim243SLO175Team HRC – MXGPHonda
3PAULIN Gautier21FRA142Wilvo Yamaha MXGPYamaha
4JASIKONIS Arminas27LTU120Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory RacingHusqvarna
5VAN HOREBEEK Jeremy89BEL113Honda SR MotoblouzHonda
6DESALLE Clement25BEL112Monster Energy Kawasaki RacingKawasaki
7SEEWER Jeremy91SWI98Monster Energy Yamaha Factory MXGP TeamYamaha
9LIEBER Julien33BEL79Monster Energy Kawasaki RacingKawasaki
10TONUS Arnaud4SWI71Wilvo Yamaha MXGPYamaha
11JONASS Pauls41LAT69Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory RacingHusqvarna
12MONTICELLI Ivo128ITA66iFly JK RacingYamaha
13COLDENHOFF Glenn259NDL65Standing Construct KTMKTM
14ANSTIE Max99GBR62Standing Construct KTMKTM
15LUPINO Alessandro77ITA60Gebben V Venrooy KawasakiKawasaki
16SEARLE Tommy100GBR58Bike It DRT KawasakiKawasaki
17TIXIER Jordi911FRA36Team VHR KTM RacingKTM
18LEOK Tanel7EST35A1M HusqvarnaHusqvarna
19BOGERS Brian189NDL32Team HRC – MXGPHonda
20FEBVRE Romain461FRA20Monster Energy Yamaha Factory MXGP TeamYamaha
21BUTRON Jose17SPA16JD Gunnex KTM Racing TeamKTM
22PATUREL Benoit6FRA13Gebben V Venrooy KawasakiKawasaki
23KULLAS Harri151FIN10Wildcard RiderHusqvarna
24GOLE Anton297SWE9iFly JK RacingYamaha
25PETROV Petar152BUL7Team Honda Red MotoHonda
26BRYLYAKOV Vsevolod18RUS6JWR Yamaha RacingYamaha
27FERRIS Dean111AUS6Wilvo Nestaan Husqvarna Factory RacingHusqvarna
28BERNARDINI Samuele321ITA3Ghidinelli Racing TeamYamaha
29POLI Joaquin179ARG3Wildcard RiderHonda
30RAUCHENECKER Pascal281AUT1Red Bull IceOne Husqvarna Factory RacingHusqvarna