Team HRC’s Tim Gajser wasn’t quite able to maintain his podium streak at the Turkish GP after a couple of mistakes cost him the chance of battling at the front of the field. Teammate Brian Bogers also wasn’t able to capitalise on two good starts, narrowly missing out on 10th overall by just two points.

In both races, the two Honda CRF450RWs were at the sharp end of the field, with Gajser and Bogers both getting good jumps out of the gate and rounding the first few turns inside the top five. However just as Gajser was looking to put pressure on the leaders, he made a mistake in both races which meant that he lost touch and was instead battling for the podium spots. In race one, he dropped all the way to 14th spot on an Afyonkarahisar track that was difficult to pass on, but he fought his way through to sixth place by the time the chequered flag was waved. Knowing that he’d have to perform really well to get on the podium, he rounded the first lap in third place, just a couple of seconds off the lead. Learning the lines of those in front, he was poised to make a move, when a small tip-over cost him time and a couple of spots. He did eventually make his way back to third but his six-three scores were a couple of points short of third place on the podium. Despite the disappointment, he did still climb the steps to receive the golden plate once again that marks his achievement of winning the 2019 world motocross championship.

For Bogers, he spent almost half of both MXGP motos inside the top five, running good laptimes and holding his own in this competitive class. Unfortunately as the races wore on, he slipped down the field with the hot temperatures playing a part as he ended up with 13-11 results. While the end results weren’t what he was hoping, it was definitely a positive sight to see the #189 showing top five speed for a good portion of the racing.

The riders now get to head home for a couple of days before getting on a flight to Shanghai, China which is where the final round of the MXGP championship will take place on September 14-15.

Tim Gajser

Tim Gajser 243

It was a tough weekend, but yesterday I felt okay. My speed was good, I just had that crash in the qualification race which meant I wasn’t completely 100% today. I got a good start in the first race, but crashed in the wave section and managed to climb back to sixth place after remounting in around 15th. I still knew I could better and I wanted to prove that in race two and again I got a good start, in the top three where again I felt I could I run with the leaders. However I made a small mistake in a corner, tipped over and dropped to fifth. By the time I got back to third they were gone so that’s where I finished. I am disappointed but I will try to take some positive things from this GP and do better next weekend in China. A big thanks to the whole team for their work again and helping me feel comfortable out on the track, and thanks for all the birthday wishes from everyone.

Brian Bogers

Brian Bogers 189

There were both positives and negatives from today’s racing. I’m quite happy with my speed and I got two good starts which allowed me to race for 15-20 minutes with the top five guys. That is definitely something I’m happy with and it felt good when I was out there. Unfortunately the negative thing is the conditioning because it is still not on the level that it needs to be on and I wasn’t able to stay in the top five. I think when it gets like this, I am still feeling the effects of missing the whole 2018 campaign because to lose all that time off the bike in my rookie 450 season is quite a big loss. I now that is something I can work on though and I do think it is improving all the time so that is something I will continue to work on. However I will definitely take the positive things into China and hope to get two more good starts because that really was a good feeling.

Marcus Pereira de Freitas

Marcus Pereira de Freitas

HRC General Manager – MXGP

Weekend’s like this prove just how impressive Tim’s seven-round win streak earlier in the season was, because it is so easy not to win races and GPs. Just two small mistakes cost him that opportunity and that is just how motocross can be sometimes. Tim is obviously disappointed that it happened but it really does highlight how well he has ridden in the rest of this championship winning season and we’re sure he can bounce back in China.
It was also great to see Brian up the front of the field in the first half of both races. He got two good starts and rode with a fast pace and hopefully that will give him confidence for the final round in China next weekend.

MXGP 2019 Sunday, September 8th 2019

RaceRound 17 MXGP of Turkey

Race 1

SUNNYAir Temp30°CTrack CondHard Pack

1HERLINGS Jeffrey84NDL25Red Bull KTM Factory RacingKTM35:00.462
2JONASS Pauls41LAT22Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory RacingHusqvarna5.289
3COLDENHOFF Glenn259NDL20Standing Construct KTMKTM14.900
4SEEWER Jeremy91SWI18Monster Energy Yamaha Factory MXGP TeamYamaha16.700
5PAULIN Gautier21FRA16Wilvo Yamaha MXGPYamaha19.149
6GAJSER Tim243SLO15Team HRC – MXGPHonda20.070
7TONUS Arnaud4SWI14Wilvo Yamaha MXGPYamaha21.909
8MONTICELLI Ivo128ITA13iFly JK RacingYamaha23.649
9VAN HOREBEEK Jeremy89BEL12Honda SR MotoblouzHonda25.023
10JASIKONIS Arminas27LTU11Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory RacingHusqvarna26.621
11STRIJBOS Kevin22BEL10JWR Yamaha RacingYamaha27.911
12TIXIER Jordi911FRA9Team VHR KTM RacingKTM57.701
13BOGERS Brian189NDL8Team HRC – MXGPHonda1:07.082
14RODRIGUEZ Anthony127VEN7Kemea Yamaha Yamalube Racing TeamYamaha1:22.847
15LUPINO Alessandro77ITA6Gebben V Venrooy KawasakiKawasaki1:26.674
16SIMPSON Shaun24GBR5RFX KTM RacingKTM1:34.385
17PETROV Petar152BUL4Team Honda Red MotoHonda1:38.796
18LEOK Tanel7EST3A1M HusqvarnaHusqvarna1:41.033
19RENKENS Nathan83BEL2KMP-Honda Repsol RacingHonda1 Lap
20GURYEV Artem555RUS1Wildcard RiderKTM1 Lap

MXGP 2019 Sunday, September 8th 2019RaceRound 17 MXGP of Turkey

Race 2

SUNNYAir Temp30°CTrack CondHard Pack

1HERLINGS Jeffrey84NDL25Red Bull KTM Factory RacingKTM35:07.079
2COLDENHOFF Glenn259NDL22Standing Construct KTMKTM2.297
3GAJSER Tim243SLO20Team HRC – MXGPHonda33.532
4MONTICELLI Ivo128ITA18iFly JK RacingYamaha37.616
5JONASS Pauls41LAT16Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory RacingHusqvarna39.820
6PAULIN Gautier21FRA15Wilvo Yamaha MXGPYamaha41.352
7VAN HOREBEEK Jeremy89BEL14Honda SR MotoblouzHonda43.332
8SEEWER Jeremy91SWI13Monster Energy Yamaha Factory MXGP TeamYamaha49.145
9STRIJBOS Kevin22BEL12JWR Yamaha RacingYamaha53.575
10TIXIER Jordi911FRA11Team VHR KTM RacingKTM1:03.479
11BOGERS Brian189NDL10Team HRC – MXGPHonda1:09.513
12LUPINO Alessandro77ITA9Gebben V Venrooy KawasakiKawasaki1:11.077
13JASIKONIS Arminas27LTU8Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory RacingHusqvarna1:15.108
14RODRIGUEZ Anthony127VEN7Kemea Yamaha Yamalube Racing TeamYamaha1:17.088
15SIMPSON Shaun24GBR6RFX KTM RacingKTM1:20.873
16TONUS Arnaud4SWI5Wilvo Yamaha MXGPYamaha1:25.369
17DE WAAL Micha-Boy34NDL4Jumbo No Fear Vamo Honda TeamHonda1:25.626
18LEOK Tanel7EST3A1M HusqvarnaHusqvarna1 Lap
19PETROV Petar152BUL2Team Honda Red MotoHonda1 Lap
20RENKENS Nathan83BEL1KMP-Honda Repsol RacingHonda1 Lap

MXGP 2019 Sunday, September 8th 2019

Rider Standings

Limited to top 30 results

1GAJSER Tim243SLO769Team HRC – MXGPHonda
2SEEWER Jeremy91SWI558Monster Energy Yamaha Factory MXGP TeamYamaha
3PAULIN Gautier21FRA514Wilvo Yamaha MXGPYamaha
4COLDENHOFF Glenn259NDL510Standing Construct KTMKTM
5TONUS Arnaud4SWI472Wilvo Yamaha MXGPYamaha
6JONASS Pauls41LAT441Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory RacingHusqvarna
7JASIKONIS Arminas27LTU416Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory RacingHusqvarna
8VAN HOREBEEK Jeremy89BEL414Honda SR MotoblouzHonda
9FEBVRE Romain461FRA402Monster Energy Yamaha Factory MXGP TeamYamaha
10CAIROLI Antonio222ITA358Red Bull KTM Factory RacingKTM
11ANSTIE Max99GBR276Standing Construct KTMKTM
12MONTICELLI Ivo128ITA263iFly JK RacingYamaha
13BOGERS Brian189NDL216Team HRC – MXGPHonda
14DESALLE Clement25BEL208Monster Energy Kawasaki RacingKawasaki
15LEOK Tanel7EST186A1M HusqvarnaHusqvarna
16LIEBER Julien33BEL184Monster Energy Kawasaki RacingKawasaki
18SEARLE Tommy100GBR175Bike It DRT KawasakiKawasaki
19TIXIER Jordi911FRA170Team VHR KTM RacingKTM
20LUPINO Alessandro77ITA156Gebben V Venrooy KawasakiKawasaki
21STRIJBOS Kevin22BEL135JWR Yamaha RacingYamaha
22HERLINGS Jeffrey84NDL125Red Bull KTM Factory RacingKTM
23BRYLYAKOV Vsevolod18RUS90JWR Yamaha RacingYamaha
24PATUREL Benoit6FRA65Gebben V Venrooy KawasakiKawasaki
25GOLE Anton297SWE46iFly JK RacingYamaha
26PETROV Petar152BUL43Team Honda Red MotoHonda
27DE WAAL Micha-Boy34NDL40Jumbo No Fear Vamo Honda TeamHonda
28RODRIGUEZ Anthony127VEN32Kemea Yamaha Yamalube Racing TeamYamaha
29LUSBO Andero621EST29Wildcard RiderYamaha
30STEWART Lewis336AUS29Wildcard RiderKTM