Grand National Cross Country Round 3 Overview:

Location: Morganton, NC

Beta Factory Race Team Results:

  • Cody Barnes finished on top of the XC3 podium in 1st place for the second time in a row, and is currently leading the series points standings.
  • Mike Witkowski finished 3rd in the XC2 class and is currently seated in 4th place for the series points standings. 
  • The next race for both riders will be at the 3rd round of the Sprint Enduro Series  on April, 6th & 7th in Greenville, TN.


Bike: Beta 125 RR Race Edition

“I got off to a pretty bad start sliding too far into the slick corner and was pretty far back going into the woods. I was able to make a few quick passes and get to the front, and found myself battling  for the lead in the first 4 laps. After my second gas stop, I was able to make the pass for the lead and put my head down for the rest of the race. My Beta 125 RR was handling awesome on the rough course, which made my job a lot easier on such a rough track. I was able to finish with the win in the XC3 class and take 16th overall. I’m very happy with how I rode! ” 

Photo by Ken Hill


Bike: Beta 250 RR Race Edition

“The first corner of the race was very slick from overnight rain. My Beta 250 RR got off to a great start, but I slid a bit to hard into the first corner and messed up another hole shot! I came into the woods about 6th or 7th, and I made some quick moves and found myself in 2nd place. I rode in 2nd for a good while until I had to pit and then moved back to 3rd. I had a good battle for 3rd the rest of the race. I was very happy with my last lap of the race running a faster time than 2nd place and gaining a min on 4th in the last lap. I felt great and so did my Beta 250. I am looking forward to my next race! Thanks Beta Team for all the support!” 

Photo by Ken Hill

Courtesy Beta