National Enduro Round 1

Location: Wedgefield, SC

Cody Barnes was able to navigate the tight wooded Sumter course with precision, while his consistent test results were just off the lead time Barnes was able to take home a 2nd place podium finish for his first race of the year!

Thick vines and gnarly roots added to the technical challenges of the event, but the sandy terrain had enough moisture to keep the dust down providing optimal traction for the racers. One of the newest additions to the Beta Factory Team; Thorn Devlin had his debut placing 9th in the NEPro 1 class, while teammate Rachel Gutish also had a healthy start to the season placing 4th in the Women’s Elite class.

Beta Factory Support rider; Kyle McDonal also made an appearance at the 1st round placing 13th in the NEPro 2 class.

Cody Barnes commented:
“My day started off very well finishing in the top two of the first two test. Sadly in test 3 a rider from another row in front of me got tangled up in vines on the main train and was blocking anyone from going past him. I tried to make a new line around him and got caught up in the vines as well and lost too much time to make up. I ended up 2nd in the Pro 2 class for the day. My mechanic Sam has my Beta 250 RR running and handling awesome this year! Ready to get back to work and give it a try all over again at the next round!”

Cody Barnes (Riding Beta 250 RR Race Edition), Photo by Shan Moore
Thorn Devlin (Riding Beta 300 RR Race Edition), Photo by Shan Moore
Rachel Gutish (Riding Beta 300 RR Race Edition), Photo by Shan Moore