Location: Alamo, NV

This weekend in Nevada our race crew took on the Best in the Desert Silver State 300. The grueling race was met with a couple challenges, most notably when the rider Joe Wasson came up to a closed gate which ended up costing some valuable time during the race. However, Joe and Chance rebounded and together they teamed up to earn a 2nd place finish on the day.

Factory Team Rider Results:

Joe Wasson / Chance Fullerton
2nd Place

Photo Credit: Mark Kariya

Joe Wasson
430 RR Race Edition

“Friday we went to tech got everything situated then went out and tested the race bike for proper gearing. We figured we had the bike about as good as it was going to get. Saturday morning the race started off at 5:30 am. I was clocking over 100 mph for the first 30 miles, then speed gave way for those mountain roads for a more technical section. I felt really good and things were going great. I handed the bike off in first overall and let Chance do his thing. Then I got back on the bike at mile 220 and went for it. Unfortunately, I came across a closed gate at mile 250 which cost me a substantial amount of time. I got going again but lost a couple of minutes and ended up finishing second after that. Race was awesome and the bike felt pretty good. Overall the team did great!” – Joe Wasson

Chance Fullerton
430 RR

“Had a great time trying something new. Bummer to get second place when I know we had more in us. All in all I had a great time and can’t wait to race again here soon!” – Chance Fullerton