West Hare Scramble Round 1 Overview:
Prairie City, California
Beta Factory Race Team Results:Joe Wasson rode his Beta 430 RR to a 1st place podium finish in the Pro class at round 1 of the West Hare Scramble Series, and is now leading the series.Max Gerston came in right behind Wasson, finishing in 2nd place while riding his Beta 390 RR Race Edition.Morgan Tanke finished the day on the Women’s Pro class podium in 2nd place. The next event for Wasson and Tanke will be at the first round of the 2019 National Hare & Hound Series in Lucerne, CA on January 27th.  
Gerston’s next event will be the Rev Limiter an extreme enduro event that will be held in Decatur, TX on March 3rd.
Photo by Kaeley Porter
Bike: Beta 430 RR Race Edition

“I felt really good with my equipment and preparation before the race. I ended up second off the start and then got settled in for the first couple laps. I had some really good battles with my team mates and other riders. I ended up getting the lead about 4 laps in and rode a smart race. There were a lot of obstacles that could make or break your day, so I made sure to be smart. My Beta 430 ended up taking me to the top step. It was a great start to my season, and I’m looking forward to round 2!” 
Bike: Beta 390 RR Race Edition

“Prairie City was a little rough for me. After a couple big setbacks it was tough to get back up to the leaders. I continued to push back and was able to card a second. It was a frustrating race but a good start to the season.” 
Photo by Kaeley Porter
Bike: Beta 250 RR Race Edition

“I had a great time at my first WHS race! The rain made the course very slick and brutal. I got off to a great start and led about half of the race until having some goggle issues that set me back a bit. I pushed hard to catch back up but unfortunately got taken down by a lapped rider and finished out my race in 2nd.” 

Words and images courtesy Beta