National Hare & Hound Series, Round 3:
Location: Las Vegas, NV

Beta USA riders finished on three podiums last weekend at the Mint 400. Beta support rider; Cole Conatser finished on top of the Pro 250 podium for the 3rd time in a row extending his overall points lead. Zane Roberts had a 3rd place podium finish and is now 5 points from the Overall leader in the series points lead. Morgan Tanke took home a 3rd place Women’s Pro podium after a long day of racing outside her comfort zone. Tanke is currently seated in 4th place for the series points standings only 4 points behind 3rd. Joe Wasson also had a good race finishing in 4th place Overall and is now just two points down away from 3rd place in the series points standings.

250 RR Race Edition

“I got a great 3rd place start, and the course was the fastest race I’ve ever done and the longest also being 160 miles! I’m looking forward to having some more technical races coming up! Idaho looks like a blast!”

Cole Conatser. Photo by Kato

430 RR Race Edition

“Stoked to bring home 3rd place at the Mint 400 this weekend! Going in I knew this race would be a little out of my comfort zone, and it certainly lived up to that expectation, so I was very pleased with a podium. Overall it was a great event with a large media presence, and I’m happy to have been a part of it.”

Zane Roberts. Photo by Kato

430 RR Race Edition

“The mint 400 was a really hi-speed race with a lot of sketchy sections. I had a really close call towards the beginning of the race where I decided to back it down and play it safe. Looking forward to the next round!”

Joe Wasson. Photo by Kato

300 RR Race Edition

“I tried to pace myself from the beginning knowing it was going to be a long day and rough course. The race course was very fast, so I had to learn really quick how to get comfortable with holding it wide open. It was definitely not like an average NHHA race, and I didn’t like having to go as fast as we where going, it was scary! After holding 4th for half the race I was able to get into 3rd and bring it in on the podium. I’m happy with my result and am glad I could salvage a podium at a race that was pretty much the opposite of my style.”

Morgan Tanke. Photo by Kato

Courtesy Beta