Round six of the GNCC at High Point was met with some challenging conditions. The track was fast and dusty in the field areas then slick hard-pack dirt in the woods. Team Beta had a couple top 5 finishers over the weekend. Cody Barnes had a nice day finishing 4th in the XC2 Class and then 9th in the overall which had a field of over 270 riders.

Factory Team Rider Results:

Cody Barnes – 4th XC2

Thorn Devlin – 7th XC2

Chase Colville – 10th XC3

Rachel Gutish – 4th XCW

The next GNCC race is round seven in Millfield, OH at Sunday Creek Raceway on June 28th.

Photos Credit: Ken Hill

Cody Barnes

250 RR Race Edition

“I got off to a decent start and was with the main group of guys I needed to be with on the first lap. The track was pretty fast with very hard pack dry conditions in the fields and then hard-pack slick moist dirt in the woods. I talked with Sam about the conditions before the race and made the appropriate changes to my Beta factory suspension and the Beta 250RR to better help the bike handle the conditions. With the track being very slick I had to change my riding style almost completely because the minute you broke traction you were going to be on the ground. I was able to stay off the ground and charge hard through the race and finish 4th in XC2 and 9th overall. My Beta 250RR worked awesome today in the slick conditions and never missed a beat in the powdery side open fields.”

Thorn Devlin

250 RR Race Edition

“The High Point GNCC was a fast and slick track. My Beta USA 250 RR got me another great jump and handled the challenging conditions well. Unfortunately, due to my error, I found the slick ground the hard way in the start of the race at turn two. I felt I had great speed pushing through the pack and felt strong the entirety of the race. I’m thankful to be moving forward healthy and with more knowledge each round has to offer. Thank you to the entire Factory Beta USA team and sponsors for giving us all the proper tools to make these races possible.” 

Chase Colville

125 RR Race Edition

“Started the day off awesome. My Beta 125 RR pulled the hole shot but unfortunately I took a pretty good crash less than a mile into the track. After getting going again I was able to make my way back up to 4th on the fourth lap until I took another high speed crash. Decided it was best to pull off after I was feeling very light headed.”

Rachel Gutish

300 RR Race Edition

“There was some good and bad to be taken away from the GNCC at High Point. I led two consecutive laps and battled with second place all through the third lap. That is the best performance I have had at a GNCC to date! However, I ended the day in a somewhat disappointing fourth place, given the way I rode early in the race. There were over 700 riders on the 11 mile course, and I have always struggle with cleanly making my way through lapped traffic. It’s a race condition that’s tough to simulate or practice, but I think it is currently the biggest thing holding me back right now. I’m going to rack my brain until I come up with a solution.”