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Amateur Motocross racing in Southern California has been on a high for the past few years thanks to the Transworld Motocross Race Series.  The unique racing format using two tracks at the same time, low cost entry fees, over 60 classes to choose from and a well-run program at the best facilities has kept moto families stoked on spending weekends at the tracks and lining up for gate drops.

Due to some ownership changes at the end of January it was announced that Transworld Motocross as a whole was on hold.  All the employees were laid off and it’s been a rough two weeks trying to figure out what comes next.   

The time has come to get racing back on the schedule and have a clear plan going forward.  Playing off all the strengths of the former series the same staff that made it happen is now launching under a new brand.

The “Swapmoto Race Series” will have the same feel and experience that everyone has come to love with some great upgrades to improve the families experience at the track.  As we prepare these changes we have our eyes set on March 10th for the first event hosted by Milestone MX in Riverside, CA.  SwapmotoLive.com will be at the races to cover all the action posting photos and video from the race!  Our first series will include six rounds of racing and an overall championship points and awards to riders who attend a minimum of five rounds.

March 10th Milestone MX

April 7th Perris Raceway

April 14th Milestone MX

May 5th Glen Helen Raceway

May 19th LACR

June 2nd Glen Helen Raceway

“Helping grow race participation on the West Coast has been a hugely satisfying over the past eight years,” said Donn Maeda. “This will continue to be the best race series around, only with a different name. The swapmotolive.com crew is stoked to be the exclusive media partner.”

The Swapmoto Race Series will be run by the same all star crew that invented the two track format under the new name CMXRS (California Motocross Race Series).  CMXRS President Craig Davis , “My history as a former Pro Racer, race promoter of the Vet X Race Series and being the Race Director for the TWMXRS gives me over 40 years of experience running and racing motocross events.  I am dedicated on providing a well-run program that racers and families of all skill levels can enjoy.  It’s encouraging for the future of the sport that our race program has the most participants in the youngest and newest rider classes.  It shows great potential for the sport”.

For all the VET riders who have been polishing up your bikes and dusting off cobwebs the Trans Am Vet Classic at Glen Helen Raceway is still scheduled for March 24th!  We are bringing together the best of the best in the over 25 year old classes for a unique track at the world famous raceway which will include sections on both the National and REM tracks.  A three moto championship format and enough stories and bench racing to last a lifetime.  It’s going to be an awesome weekend!

General Manager for Milestone MX, Perris Raceway and VP of CMXRS Aaron Cooke, “I am so honored and grateful of all the phone calls received that included encouragement and hope for a solid race series to continue in Southern California.  I am humbled as well by the families and friends willing to open their check books if that was needed to keep this dream alive!”

You can find more info online like additional race dates, pre-registration, and answers to tons of your questions at www.swapmotoraceseries.com  Make sure to follow on Instagram @SwapmotoRaceSeries & @Swapmoto.  It is the commitment of CMXRS to honor all previously purchased annual memberships to TWMXRS so if you already purchased a membership for 2019 this will cover you for CMXRS.  We look forward to seeing everyone on the gate March 10th!

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